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Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and events, and while some may enjoy the surprise twists and turns life continuously throws at them, many of us don’t have the kind of personality or mentality that thrives no matter the circumstances. If you find yourself struggling under the mental pressures of daily life or feel that you can’t find happiness outside of yourself – there are skills you can learn to improve your present and future life.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) focuses on how the language of the mind creates the programs you run in life. In other words, NLP looks at how all the stimuli you take in connect with your brain and triggers an often unconscious mental, emotional or physical reaction. A Singapore Mental Health Coach is a psychotherapist that uses NLP techniques to help you challenge your thought patterns and create new programs to better react to whatever life throws at you, so you grow positively through conscious behaviour.

Growing Through Mental Health Coaching

A Mental Health Coach is specifically trained and experienced in helping clients constructively manage their emotions. This includes teaching you to identify and challenge negative thinking, consciously build confidence, learn new mental patterns and reduce your triggers to stress and anxiety. Having such control over your emotions is the key to improved mental health and a better life.

Mental Health Coaching and You

Your Evolucentric Singapore Mental Health Coach understands that no two people are the same, which is why we provide personalised mental health coaching tailored to your specific circumstances and unique needs. Feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, feeling overwhelmed or struggling to focus are only a few problems created by a conscious or unconscious pattern created earlier in life. Being aware of these patterns of emotions means that you can take charge of your mind and have the power to reprogram it to achieve your goals.

Through the effective methods of NLP, your Singapore Mental Health Coach and Life Coach will help you achieve a greater awareness of yourself. By transforming limiting emotions and behaviours into more resourceful ones, we can help you create a more resilient mindset and purpose-driven life – the kind of life you deserve!

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