Business is for the fearless and courageous. What is most interesting tough, is that most often than not, entrepreneurs are not fearless, they simply act in spite of their fears.

The pervasive, urgent, and never-ending demands of entrepreneurship have unapologetically removed the luxury of fear and inaction from its offer. To succeed in the long-term, entrepreneurs ought to have a more powerful force pulling them forward, so much so that fear becomes insignificant or irrelevant.

I am certain that you already know how this is done, weather you are consciously aware of it or not. Simply think of that thing you do regardless of your own emotional circumstances. This post will look at how mindset makes the difference between success and failure in business and how we can supercharge our strategies to achieve any goal.

Driven by Purpose, Not Fear

Fear is an inbuilt human survival instinct, an evolutionary emotion deeply embedded in us. I like to compare today’s successful entrepreneurs with ancient primitive village hunters, who despite dire circumstances, cooperated with peers and risked their lives every time they had to hunt dangerous animals to feed their families. Not taking-action because of fear, was a choice these hunters couldn’t afford.

Having self-awareness and clarity on the reasons why we embark on rocky journeys is essential. These reasons are always more potent in driving action and results than any fear we could have. One needs to not only became aware of these reasons but most importantly to be emotionally connect with them, to the point that they become their primary driver.

Fear will remain a normal human response to challenges life throws our way, but allowing it to stop us from overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals, is a luxury only some allow themselves to enjoy.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” ― H. P. Lovecraft.

Demystifying Fear

Every day, we face and deal with different types of fears. But does fear really deserve its bad reputation? What is its purpose? Have you ever done something that you were fearful of, and then when you look back, do you wonder why I was so scared? The idea of fear is inherent to the entrepreneurial experience, as well as to anything worthwhile in life.

On the surface, entrepreneurship might be scary because individuals are putting everything on the line to pursue an idea or passion. New business owners put themselves, their families, investors and leadership team at an incredible risk. But what exactly is causing the fear? What will happen when what you are consciously fearful of materializes? And what will that lead to?

Following this line of questioning will amplify that inner voice that tells you that you are tired, you are not good enough, or that it’s easier to quit, but it will also reveal the inner most significant sources of your fear. The more aware you are of the sources of the fear that prevent you from growing personally and professionally, the more you will realize how you hold the key to change its meaning. The further you push yourself, the more you’ll realize your potential.

With the right mindset, you will be able to reverse the adverse effects of self-doubt and use it to achieve greatness. Regardless of the form it takes, fear provides the push needed to succeed and the clue that you are doing something worthwhile.

The Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs

Increase Confidence & Resilience

In acting in spite of fear, sacrificing everything for what they hold dear, the primitive hunters become proficient and highly skilled in their craft. Every success and failure turned into a valuable lesson that increased their survival chances and preparedness for the next hunt. What was unique about these hunters, contemporary successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, or any other person that achieves and sustains success is that retreat is not an option.

The emotional, psychological, ethical, and existential connection with their goal is so profound that failure can only lead to new learnings and resilience. Successful entrepreneurs ignore those voices and allow purpose to pave the way forward against challenges and obstacles. The entrepreneur who drives past the barriers their mind has set for them deliberately turns their back on being comfortable and safe.

Be Solution & Opportunity-Oriented

At this level of mindset, one has already left the fear-trigged inaction behind. Instead, at this level, one gets fuelled by an indestructible mental framework that focuses only on realizing, improving, and being more effective at their goal. Such people are optimistic, not because they don’t acknowledge problems and challenges, but because their focus is on overcoming them to get to their goal.

Fear prompts us to assess our choices and options, to analyse them and evaluate the best course of action. Evaluate the pros and cons, anticipate problems, be cautiously bold and spot the opportunity in everything. When we face our fears, we discover unexpected opportunities and breakthroughs that we have not previously considered.

How does Self-Awareness Help?

Being aware of the ultimate goal beyond your initial goal is a force of nature. Existential, philosophical, and ethical reasons are the mighty unconscious drivers of all great achievers the world has seen. It is never about the best tool, the best strategy, even the best result. It is always about the goal that these goals will bring forth.

Getting to know what matters to you, connecting with it at the deepest level will effortlessly energize and drive you to take whatever action necessary to achieve your goals. It is also the best-known accountability “activator” there is.

Sara Blakely dealt with the rejection, fear and uncertainty that most new entrepreneurs face. Like many, she heard the word ‘no’ numerous times in the first few years. However, in 2012 Blakely became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire after selling Spanx, the figure-shaping undergarment for women. Her ambition to achieve her goals, her problem-solving and opportunity-oriented efforts is what ultimately drove her to achieve phenomenal entrepreneurial success.

Successful people look at fear as an indication of the need to improve, learn or grow. The Most successful business owners, athletes, well-known actors and artists have all used their failures as valuable information for their success.

So can you!


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